Groupe Geraud    


Groupe Geraud is the largest operator of local authority markets in Europe operating more than 1300 market days each week and is certainly the largest French private operator of retail markets, produce markets, cattle markets and fairs of all kinds. It has more than three hundred contracts (around 600 markets) with towns and cities of all sizes, including some, such as Bordeaux, which are very large. In addition the Group also has extensive experience in car park management at centres such as The Centre Georges-Pompidou in Paris and is currently expanding its level of activity in that area.


Geraud UK Ltd
Geraud UK Ltd was established in the United Kingdom in 1998 and is the British arm of Groupe Geraud, an Anglo-French Company. The principals have a wealth of knowledge of the markets industry both public and private sector within the UK and throughout Europe and North America.

The philosophy of the Company is partnership, investment and longevity. Geraud UK Ltd, through its subsidiary Geraud Markets (UK) Ltd, is committed to achieving, in partnership with local authorities and others, the provision and maintenance of top quality markets which meet the modern day consumers’ aspirations and which are able to compete effectively in an expanding retail sector.

Public Private Sector Partnerships
Historically, local authorities have been, with only a few exceptions, the main clients of Groupe Geraud in France and as such the business is focused on the provision of services to these organisations. In 1998, Groupe Geraud expanded its operation and established a subsidiary Company in the United Kingdom. Geraud Markets UK Ltd, and especially Geraud Markets, has since steadily grown a reputation for service delivery on behalf of these public sector partners. Consquently it has won a number of key contracts in the United Kingdom. Geraud Markets UK Ltd is now an official sponsor of NABMA. Our philosophy is one of working in partnership with local authorities over an extended period of time to develop, expand and invest in markets.

The Company currently runs markets on behalf of Liverpool City Council, Allerdale Borough Council, South Derbyshire District Council, Clevedon Town Council and Stratford Town Council.

We aim to:
Provide and continually improve quality services to our customers and stakeholders, to enhance markets’ traditional strengths of variety, vibrancy and value for money

Identify and respond to the changing needs and expectations of our customers and stakeholders

Promote accessibility to the markets

Develop responsive and responsible staff through support, training and development

Contribute to promoting Community Health and well being, in particular ensuring that markets contribute to the life of the community

Treat all customers and stakeholders with equal respect

Compliment the Town Centre retail and shopping strategies and provision

Contribute to town centres’ wider environmental regeneration and business development strategies

Geraud Markets Liverpool Ltd
This is the biggest and best example of our development in the area of Public Private Sector Partnerships. Geraud Markets Liverpool Ltd in partnership with Liverpool City Council runs over 1,200 regular market days each year. In addition to this there are over 100 Speciality Event Market days, providing residents and tourists with access to excellent choice, value and quality.

Geraud Markets UK Ltd Speciality Markets and Events
Geraud Markets UK Ltd is rapidly becoming the country’s leading operator of specialist markets with an extensive Continental and Specialist Market programme. The vision and innovation demonstrated by the Company has led to an increasing client base with local authorities both in long term contracts and in the special event market field. The Company has been fortunate in achieving a number of important contracts within the United Kingdom. Its success has spawned a number of imitators but its standards of excellence are exemplary.

The Company currently manages 55 Continental Markets on behalf of over 30 local government authorities in the United Kingdom. These markets range from two to nine days in duration and can feature as many as 80 stall-holders from Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, Italy and Spain.

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